ACDSee Photo Studio 5.2.1151 – Fast and effective image viewer and browser.

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ACDSee Photo Studio For Mac

Known for best-in-class digital asset management and RAW processing power, ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 5 gives you instant, import-free access to your photos. Flexible organizational tools to satisfy any workflow, lightning fast non-destructive adjustments, drag and drop searching, sleek customizable batch presets, and RAW support for over 450 camera models are just a few of the elements that make ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 5 the must-have image editing software on the macOS. You may also like DxO PhotoLab


Image Basket

Gather and hold images from different locations or folders in the Image Basket. Once you have your desired assortment, you can use any of the tools or features in ACDSee to view or edit these files.

Filter By

Quickly single out and display files by their metadata, such as ratings, color labels, tags, and categories. This essential component of digital asset management will also identify images by the metadata they don’t have, such as “no keywords”, “untagged”, and “Uncategorized”.

Compare Images

Highlight the similarities and the differences in up to four images at once with the Compare Images tool. Use zooming and planning to identify which images to keep.

Auto Advance

Manage entire folders without ever moving your hands from the keyboard. With Auto Advance, adding metadata will move the focus to the next image in the File List pane, allowing you to seamlessly organize.

External Editors

Easily configure ACDSee to work with a variety of other image editors. Specify a default editor, and then promptly open images in other applications right from inside Manage or View mode.

Multiple Databases

Create as many ACDSee databases as you like, and swiftly and smoothly switch between them.

Batch Add Watermark

Claim your work by adding watermarks to your images. Adjust size, position, and opacity for the perfect signature, and save your settings as a preset. Apply it to one, many, or all.

Batch Add Border

Frame your favorite photos in batches with the Batch Add Border tool. Customize the color, texture, and thickness of your border, and choose from nearly 100 unique edges to complement your shots.

Import Database

Don’t lose hours of cataloging just because you want the latest software. Import your database from version 3 or 4 of ACDSee Photo Studio Mac and keep right on working.


Version 5.2.1151:

Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue in which certain valid email addresses would be treated as invalid when trying to register or sign-in.
• Fixed an issue in which applying a Develop preset immediately after entering Develop mode would fail.Known Issues
• Disconnecting an iOS device while importing will crash ACDSee.
• Move to Trash will not work on images stored on cameras.
• Batch Copy and Batch Move will not work for images stored on cameras.
• PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) not supported.
• Cannot save Batch Preset with export destination folder defined relative to source folder.
• Develop mode changes are not remembered when the group is deactivated.
• No method is available to view RGB values while using Eye Dropper to set White Balance.
• Cannot copy read-only EXIF metadata values to the clipboard.
• Cannot read any ACDSee metadata embedded in BMP, CUR, DDS, EXR, GIF, HDR, ICO, JP2, MEF, PBM, PSD, or TGA.
• Batch Copy operation hangs when Place in subfolder option enabled, “Date” token added to the Name, and date format includes slash character (“/”). Workaround: In System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced… > Dates, remove “/” from the desired format.
• Import ignores video portion of Live Photos.
• Keyword/Category assignment may fail if the target is unscanned image basket item.
• ACDSee will not function correctly if the ACDSee database is locked or read-only.
• ACDSee does not support multiple clients connecting to the same database. ACDSee will become unresponsive if trying to connect to a database that is already open in another instance of ACDSee.
• Status bar count may be wrong if empty smart folder selected.
• Watermark tool Center button doesn’t center watermark for all images in the Batch if images are different sizes.
• Running Batch Add Watermark while an unsupported image is in the preview does not apply a watermark.
• Compare Images Active View is empty if the selected image is an orphan.
• Startup time may be impacted if the Image Basket contains many items.
• External Editors feature does not support images on cameras.
• Encoding metadata to HEIC files is not supported.
• Keyboard shortcuts assigned to commands that can be renamed, (such as Categories, Batch Presets, External Editors), need to be re-assigned if the command is renamed.
• On macOS 10.14, writing a Spotlight Comment fails with error “Source file not found” if ACDSee does not have permission to control Finder. Workaround: in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy, select Automation, and check the box to allow ACDSee to control Finder.
• Adding media files (e.g. audio, video files) to Image Basket is not supported.
• The folder tree fails to refresh after Cut-Paste or drag-and-drop Move operations. Workaround: View > Refresh Folders Pane (option + command + R).

Supported Operation Systems:
macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit


macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor


ACDSee Photo Studio For MacOSX

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