ArchiCAD 22 Build 6001 – Premier BIM solution for architects.

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ArchiCAD For mac

From the outset, ArchiCAD was developed specifically to address the architect’s desire for great design without compromising on practical needs. Graphisoft ArchiCAD’s innovative BIM (building information model) solution helps you win more business while letting you concentrate on your core skill – creating inspiring designs.

ArchiCAD 22 is now faster than ever! No more waiting for views to load. Graphisoft has extended its robust 64- bit and multi-processing technologies with background processing — an industry first for BIM. So ArchiCAD now offers lightning-fast response times and this turbo-charged update to ArchiCAD makes it the undisputed speed leader in the BIM business.


Version 22 Build 6001:

The Update 6001 contains various enhancements and fixes since the original release of ARCHICAD 22.

248118 CRASH: A beam that intersected with a wall of 0 thickness crashed ARCHICAD.
254973 CRASH: A properties corruption caused ARCHICAD to crash when opening any tool.
256404 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed on loading a project index, if a view had a corrupted renovation filter setting.
236618 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed on some iMac computers when entering full screen.
256511 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed using “Align to Decimal” alignment.
254436 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when a complex profile wall’s fillet radius was less than the width of the wall.
256295 CRASH: ARCHICAD incorrectly handled the rendering of large textures.
259532 CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed when processing railings with geometries modified by other objects.
259476 CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed while releasing memory at closure.
254834 CRASH: Inherited sub-elements from parent elements with properties were not handled properly.
258564 CRASH: Interior Wizard incorrectly handled the undo queue.
259825 CRASH: Library migration sometimes failed while processing walls.
250028 CRASH: Opening a section that cut through windows in composite walls sometimes resulted in a crash.
255295 CRASH: Spell Check addon with Microsoft Office dictionary crashed ARCHICAD.
258709 CRASH: The pickup/inject parameters tool was not safe in curtain wall editing mode.
259119 CRASH: Connection/merge of roof/shell elements had a limited number of times it could be run before crashing ARCHICAD.
251847 DOCUMENT/CRASH: Fills created incorrectly by a faulty algorithm in an earlier build of ARCHICAD were not automatically corrected and crashed the ARCHICAD during the generation of the layout that contained the fill.
257464 DOCUMENT: A drawing from a rotated view source sometimes changed when zooming took place in the view.
259376 DOCUMENT: An opening’s dimension markers were overridden, when placed on a layout.
256527 DOCUMENT: ISUNDEFINED function of the Expression-based Properties was not evaluated correctly for Option Set type Properties.
250511 DOCUMENT: Labels did not display Properties correctly on Layouts, if the source View was opened.
258044 DOCUMENT: Lines of elements sometimes disappeared on a layout with a corrupted drawing.
257660 DOCUMENT: Semi-transparent images were printed darker than they were on the screen.
258445 DOCUMENT: Sometimes a curtain wall’s source view differed in its appearance on layout.
257929 DOCUMENT: The layout number in subset autotexts displayed incorrect values for split layouts.
248678 DOCUMENT: The width of the index column in the Attribute Manager has been increased.
255465 DOCUMENT: Expression Defined Properties did not consider the displayed accuracy of values, and for this reason rounding operations sometimes gave unexpected results.
254073 EDIT/CRASH: Edits to a criterium or atribute that later were revoked were not robustly handled leading sometimes to crashes.
253303 EDIT/CRASH: If Grasshopper palette was open, ARCHICAD crashed while placing a curtain wall.
251275 EDIT/ROOF/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when the roof was set from simple to complex geometry method.
236728 EDIT: A traced element’s hotspot could not be snapped to if it fell outside the set range of the Section/Elevation displayed in the current window.
259963 EDIT: Holes of a beam disappeared, after the beam’s ID was changed with the ID Manager.
253400 EDIT: If the Find&Select palette was open, objects that referenced zones had slow parameter transfer.
255917 EDIT: Overridden fills and lines, that were placed on a section, appeared with a different color on a layout.
256243 EDIT: The option “Move sub-element” on layout’s pet palette was only available when clicking on the drawing’s center point.
258667 EDIT: With command Trim Elements to Roof/Shell, only bottom edges of elements to trim were highlighted.
257662 FILE/.MTL/EXPORT: An exported .mtl file path was incompatible with localized versions of ARCHICAD.
256421 FILE/3DM/IMPORT/CRASH: If a Rhino model contained elements with invalid material attributes, its import into ARCHICAD sometimes resulted in a crash.
256307 FILE/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed in a certain file when pasting a schedule on the layout.
253547 FILE/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed with a certain file because of corrupted property data.
248681 FILE/DAE/IMPORT: ARCHICAD could not import Collada files.
253335 FILE/DWG/EXPORT/CRASH: A self-referencing XREF crashed ARCHICAD.
257845, 258500 FILE/DWG/EXPORT/CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed while publishing DWG with Xref-s including frozen (hidden) layers.
257832 FILE/DWG/EXPORT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed because of a nested XREFed DWG(s) with an invalid path.
255593 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: An imported DWG file with images, when exported from ARCHICAD lost its images.
258074 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: Graphical overrides made line thicknesses the same in the exported DWG.
258859 FILE/DWG/IMPORT/DOCUMENT: Attribute definitions were not displayed from AutoCAD blocks, if they were not translated as library parts.
246757 FILE/DWG/IMPORT: Text with annotative style was missing from imported DWG files.
253863 FILE/EDIT: Copy-Pasting was too slow with a certain file.
253754 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Component Name parameters were numbers instead of Building Material Names.
259302 FILE/IFC/IMPORT/MODEL: IFC import sometimes gave incorrect size information to objects.
257411 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: IFC nested mapped elements were imported to ARCHICAD incorrectly.
257744 FILE/OBJ/EXPORT: Textures were missing from wavefront files when their names had special (non-English) characters in them.
260523 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when opening a file from START Edition 2011 because Find and Select criteria were incorrectly converted during the file migration process.
254879 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed while opening a project with certain settings for stairs.
244754 FILE/OPEN: Previously saved witness lines settings of doors in a schedule switched back to their default settings after reopening the file.
238800 FILE/PDF/EXPORT: Dense fills caused memory leaks during PDF export.
254750, 255095 FILE/PDF/SAVE: ARCHICAD crashed when Issue History Index was saved as PDF with the ‘Open after saving’ option checked.
260039 FILE/XLSX/IMPORT/DOCUMENT: The property values import time degraded since the last release of ARCHICAD.
259701 FILE/XML/EXPORT: Model View Options Combination with a colon character in its name could not be exported on Windows.
257635 FILE: More robust logging was enabled.
260700 FREEZE: On mac, ARCHICAD froze while starting Roof Wizard, if its default layer was missing.
260531 FREEZE: Override combinations were not processed optimally.
254782 FREEZE: The snap guide was not equipped to handle more than 100 hotspots in one close region.
250650 GOODIES/CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed when trying to set a favorite with the Interior Wizard.
244814 GOODIES: Polygon Counting Tool was slower compared to the previous ARCHICAD versions.
229124 HOTLINK/CRASH: An associative railing that was linked to a different story than its parent element, placed as hotlink in a way that parent element didn’t fit in host file’s story structure, sometimes caused a crash while updating the hotlink.
255180 HOTLINK/IFC/CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes within add-ons like Archiframe 22 crashed with hotlinked IFC files.
258965 MODEL/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed because of a break mark calculation of a malformed railing of a stair.
246753 MODEL/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed with a stair having drains on both sides with a greater offset value than the entire stair.
254968 MODEL/EDIT: Stairs in a Marquee could not be dragged.
255843 MODEL/MEP/FREEZE: Several MEP objects, like the pipe bend were not optimized for 3D navigation. They relied too heavily on the parameter script.
257582 MODEL/USER INTERFACE: Custom fills created from curved shapes that contained fills failed to render correctly in 2D.
258744 MODEL: “Best Match” tracing method of the Magic Wand Settings blocked creation of curved polylines.
254800 MODEL: A static dimension on a hidden layer moved with the marquee.
258129 MODEL: Beams were connected wrong in 3D, if they had an axis line offset.
256926 MODEL: Beams with different offsets joined incorrectly.
258115 MODEL: Curtain Wall frame connections sometimes incorrectly joined similarly prioritized elements.
256444 MODEL: Fills were not shown in Trace & Reference when the Work Environment Advanced Redraw Option for Model display was set to Simplified Model.
258366 MODEL: From certain angles of view, edges of construction elements appeared too thick with OpenGL.
259096 MODEL: If a column was placed elsewhere than origin, and its angle to Z axis was changed on section/elevation, angles to X and Y changed as well.
253231 MODEL: It was not possible to extrude several morphs at the same time.
259480 MODEL: Multiple selected objects that were nudged in a rotated view moved in an apparently random direction.
259353 MODEL: The creation of a wall or the dragging of a wall sometimes happened very slowly due to the zone it belonged to.
256667 MODEL: The default angle of a Curtain Wall remained 90°, if the angle of the applied favorite was smaller than 1°.
254446 MODEL: The Magic Wand was not able to select complete polylines from the trace.
238603 MODEL: The mirroring of a railing did not consider its offset.
259458 MODEL: When a roof’s cover fill was unchecked, it still appeared on view when overridden.
252772 RENDERING: CineRender settings of a migrated project differed from the original source version.
255459 SPEED: Saving complex railing in a DWG file was slow.
256446 TEAMWORK/MODEL/HOTLINK: Railings sometimes lost balusters, if they were hotlinked from a Teamwork project.
258009 TEAMWORK: After a BIMcloud update some users experienced slow reservation times.
248736 TEAMWORK: No warning text appeared after opening a Teamwork file which had been previously packed by Travel Pack.
259638 TEAMWORK: Project preferences data relating to zones were not correctly handled in Teamwork.
256211 TEAMWORK: Reservation palette sometimes was slow to respond.
256882 TEAMWORK: Sometimes it was not possible to remove embedded library folders.
260380 USER INTERFACE: In macOS 10.14. Mojave, scrolling in the navigator garbled the text.
258061 USER INTERFACE: Operation Profiles could not be selected in the list in their settings dialog using the up and down arrow keys of the keyboard. The selection seemed to change with pressing the keys, but the Operation Profile did not get selected.
245547 USER INTERFACE: The 3D texture alignment was not greyed out when the function was not available.
260111 ZOOM: Zooming with track pad on a rotated view not only changes size of object but also offset objects on a spiral path.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


ArchiCAD mac

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