Audio Hijack 3.5.4 – Record and enhance audio from any application.

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Audio Hijack for mac

Audio Hijack (was Audio Hijack Pro) drastically changes the way you use audio on your computer, giving you the freedom to listen to audio when you want and how you want. Record and enhance any audio with Audio Hijack – it’s the cornerstone of your digital audio experience.

Audio Hijack for Mac will allow you to record any application’s audio, from Internet streams to DVD audio and everywhere in between. If your machine can play it, Audio Hijack can record it. And that’s not all – Audio Hijack will also enhance any audio, using industry-standard VST and AudioUnit audio effects to make your music sound incredible. Record. Enhance. Enjoy! you may also download AV Recorder & Screen Capture For Mac

Great Uses for Audio Hijack

  • Grab Web Streams – There’s an incredible array of streaming audio on the web, and Audio Hijack will help you save it for offline listening.
  • Easy VoIP Recording – Easily capture conversations from Skype, FaceTime, Google Talk, or any other VoIP service.
  • Powerful Podcast Recording – Customizable source and recording options give podcasters never-before-seen power and control.
  • Pump Up the Volume – Stuck with small laptop speakers? Use Volume Overdrive to crank things up so you can hear your audio.
  • Adjust and Re-route Audio – Couple Audio Hijack with our utility Loopback to capture audio from one app, adjust it, then send it to another app.
  • Broadcast Internet Radio – New in Audio Hijack 3.5, the Broadcast output enables you to send audio to Shoutcast and Icecast servers for global listening.


Version 3.5.4:

Major Enhancements:

  • Audio Capture Engine (ACE) has been updated to 9.1.1, with MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) compatibility
  • Audio Hijack now has full VoIP capture support for “Linphone”


  • Changes made by Spotify have led to ACE being required to capture audio from the Spotify app. Audio Hijack now alerts the user to this requirement when necessary
  • Several small VoiceOver refinements have been made

Bug Fixes:

  • Some fields incorrectly allowed line breaks. Now, they do not
  • Small corrections have been made for UI issues when blocks are off, and other minor interface tweaks have been made. As well, CPU usage has been improved when moving blocks within a session


  • Audio Hijack now has compatibility with MacOS 10.14 (Mojave)
  • Audio Hijack now requires MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


Audio Hijack mac

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