Check Off 5.6.7

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Check Off For Mac

Check Off is a task management application that runs as a stand-alone application or a menu bar app.


  • Your choice: runs in a menu bar mode so that your dock doesn’t get cluttered up, or as a normal application.
  • Tasks can be placed within folders, and have labels attached to each task.
  • Tasks can have noted with plain text or rich text with fonts, colors, and sizes.
  • Notes can also contain links to websites or local files, allowing one-click access to resources that can be used to complete the task.
  • Menu bar icon color can be customized.
  •  Hot key support to open the main window.
  • Export your tasks as text or RTF.


Version 5.6.7:

  • Changed the delete items alert to not default to “Remove”, but to cancel, so you have to think a little bit before deleting any items
  • Made that alert a critical alert


macOS 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


Check Off Mac

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