Colibri 1.9.0

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Colibri For Mac

Colibri is a native macOS audio player built from scratch on BASS technology.

Colibri supports crystal-clear bit-perfect playback of all popular lossless and lossy audio formats, uses only a tiny amount of computing power, and offers a clean and intuitive user experience. You may also like TouchCopy


Version 1.9:


  • BASS has been updated to 2.4.14
  • DSD playback has been completely rewritten from scratch
  • DSD PCM mode will automatically use the highest supported sample rate
  • Settings -> Output has revamped DSD and Sample Rate Switching sections
  • The audio core has been further optimized for multi-threaded playback
  • Improved gapless playback compatibility with BASS TUNE
  • Further decreased memory usage when preloading next song
  • Device disconnect handling has been enhanced: reconnect your device and hit play! The default output is used as a fallback should the device still be missing.

Bugs fixed:

  • Selected audio output should now properly be retained on the restart
  • Menu Bar Controller would not properly update song info on track changes
  • Pre-amp would not restore properly when switching profiles
  • Empty playlist when adding from Finder wouldn’t work
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching wouldn’t work properly with USB DAC
  • DSD DoP / DoP AA modes would not work
  • DSD sample rate would stay fixed at 88.2 kHz in PCM mode
  • Pause wouldn’t work during DSD playback
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching wouldn’t work properly with Exclusive / Hog mode
  • Pressing Previous during DSD playback wouldn’t work as expected
  • Playing a non-DSD file after a DSD file could cause Colibri to crash
  • Playing a non-DSD file after a DSD file with 0 dB enabled wouldn’t restore the system volume
  • Attempting to play DST encoded DSD files would cause Colibri to crash (DST encoding is still unsupported!)
  • Preloaded DSD files would not properly raise the volume if requested
  • DSD playback with pre-cache would always properly show the total time of the song
  • The preloaded channel wouldn’t always properly set the internal mixer’s sample rate
  • DSD playback would sometimes disable the volume slider even without the 0dB option being enabled
  • Pre-cache wouldn’t work while Force Sample Rate is enabled
  • The pre-cache trigger wouldn’t properly fire with very high-resolution DSD files
  • Colibri would sometimes crash on quitting
  • Importing SF2/SFZ MIDI SoundFont would cause a crash
  • ColibriTheme file association would not properly register with Finder
  • Fixed a crash regarding file loading and removal
  • Removing multiple files one by one could cause a crash


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


Colibri Mac

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