CyberByte Antivirus and Internet Security Premium 3.0.5

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CyberByte Antivirus For Mac

CyberByte Antivirus is a security tool for use by home users, even whether they have a vast computer knowledge. In general, it is considered that the Mac is safe, and there are several reasons why Macs are considered safer than PCs, but there are many risks that Mac could not prevent altogether. You may also like Internet Status

We at CyberByte, plus our experience in security consulting, we study the evolution of malware and found that there has been a 120% increase in Mac malware.

This is why we have developed the CyberByte Antivirus and Internet Security the antivirus for Mac. the main objective of this product is to be used by home users, even whether they have vast computer knowledge.
Our protection against malware continuously take care of your device and will provide the best security against viruses. Give us the opportunity to try downloading the antivirus for your device.

  • products are now certified by OPSWAT partners:
  • Research Team possessing certifications malware analysis and incident response.
  • malware patterns are updated daily as active malware campaigns.
  • CyberByte has an active protective shield that will alert you if a potential malware download.
  • CyberByte comes with a mapping tool to monitor your network connected devices.
  • the malware research team, which maintains a database of current malware patterns.
  • An analysis tool optimized for ultra-fast malware
  • A rapid mapping tool to monitor your network connected devices
  • Active protection monitor that continuously monitors your Downloads folder, to identify whether a malware will slip there. The power of any antivirus comes from its database of malware patterns.
  • A database of patterns of malware is a file that contains the malware signatures that antivirus can identify. A poor database means faulty detection. Scanning speed is also an important element. Slow scan speed means that the time to complete a full scan is longer and Mac resources are used to the maximum.
  • The network mapping tool is a masterpiece that is useful when connected to the wireless home network.


Version 3.0.5:

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


CyberByte Antivirus Mac

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