EditReady 22.1.1 Mac For Crack

EditReady For Mac

EditReady Mac Crack provides easy, fast, and powerful transcoding for video professionals, without an overwhelming interface or outdated format choices. MOV, MP4, and MXF media can all be quickly converted to edit-ready QuickTime movies in ProRes or DNxHD.

EditReady Features:

  •  Rewrap or transcode any MXF, MTS (AVCHD), M2T (HDV), MP4, or QuickTime (MOV) file
  • Target Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD/HR, or h.264 output
  • Simple UI designed to ensure you get the best quality output for your source media
  • Resize, rotate, retime and apply color changing LUTs
  • View and edit metadata
  • Support for all the popular editing formats (ProRes, DNxHD, etc) and non-linear editors (Final Cut Pro, FCPX, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple iMovie) 

Playback Media In Native Wrappers
EditReady allows you to screen your camera’s original media files before you transcode them. Apply a LUT to preview your LOG media in video, or with a specific predetermined look. Or check your previewed clip in ScopeBox via our integrated ScopeLink connection.

View and Edit Metadata
EditReady allows you to view and edit all of the metadata contained within your file – this may include location data, camera settings, and diagnostic information. You can even use metadata to automatically rename files.

Really Fast.
EditReady is designed to use all the power available on a modern mac. It can even leverage the power of your graphics card for fast image processing.

From the Makers of ClipWrap
EditReady is modern transcoding and rewraps application by the same people who brought you ClipWrap. We took everything we learned from years of AVCHD and HDV parsing and made a fast, robust tool for all major camera formats.

Pro Formats
EditReady is designed with video professionals in mind. Rather than overwhelming you with hundreds of choices you’ll never use, EditReady is tailored to the formats you use every day – convert any MXF, M2T (HDV), MTS (AVCHD), or QuickTime to ProRes, DNxHD/HR and H.264.

MOV, MXF, AVCHD, HDV and more
Whether you’re working with MXF from a camera like the Samsung NX1 (H.265), Canon C300 or Sony F5 or FS7 (XAVC), an AVCHD camera like a Panasonic HDC-TM900 or Sony NX5U, an HDV camera like a Sony HVR-Z7U, or an MP4 camera like a GoPro HERO4 or Canon 5d Mark III, EditReady has you covered.

Spans and Multi-file MXFs
EditReady automatically detects and combines spans from GoPro, AVCHD, M2T (FireStore, Datavideo, Sony, Citidisk), and multi-file MXF (including Panasonic, Canon, Sony, Resolve, XDCam, and XDCamEX)

Preview and Playback
Mac users know that just viewing clips with QuickTime X isn’t always as easy as we’d like. EditReady provides a simple player to view your content, even if it’s in a legacy format.

Native Apple ProRes
Many other transcoding apps on the market use a reverse-engineered implementation of Apple ProRes. By leveraging the official Apple version, EditReady avoids compatibility issues.

Multiple Batches
You can run simultaneous batches within the EditReady interface, allowing you to simultaneously generate proxy media and online material, or convert footage from different cameras.

WHAT’S NEW EditReady 22.1.1?

  • Fixes bug that improperly rescaled data ranged h264 on transcoding
  • Fixes bug which dropped audio channels during aac stereo mixdown
  • Fixes memory leak which could hang computer playing 4k60p video
  • Fixes hang on launch when the computer has a bad network connection
  • Overlay now renders dates with the same formatting as a metadata editor
  • Fixes bug which could cause pausing one batch to pause batches in other windows as well
  • Improves support for Avid AMA with DNxHR QuickTime files
  • Better handling of files with missing or invalid colorspaces
  • Better support for reading Avid metadata
  • Generally improved stability 

EditReady Mac Requirement:

OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor


EditReady For Mac OS X


How To Crack EditReady Full Version For Mac OS?

  1. Download Latest Version From Below Link
  2. Extract ZIP Files And Mount DMG File
  3. Copy App To Applications Folder
  4. Done! Enjoy EditReady Free.

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