KPlayer 2.0.0 – Video playback app with subtitle support.

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KPlayer is a video playback app with subtitle support. It can also play 720p, 1080p video files better smoothly if ‘H.264 hardware acceleration’ is supported.

H.264 hardware acceleration support:

  • requires a Mac with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or GeForce 320M or GeForce GT 330M GPU
  • when most MP4, MOV, M4V video files (encoded in H.264/AAC) are played

Subtitles support:

  • SMI, SRT
  • a subtitle file be in the same folder, the same name with a video file and it’s extension be ‘semi’ or ‘srt’
  • if you have installed ‘Perian’, turn off Perian’s ‘Subtitle Options’
  • internal subtitles of MKV files are not supported
  • Perian’s subtitle features are not supported

Playlists support:

  • it is automatically made up of video files that have similar names in the same folder

Playback speed settings support:

  • Click the right mouse button at left or right areas of the video playing window

Continued playing support:

  • replay the most recently opened video file that was not played to the end
  • Click the play button or menu after executing KPlayer

Move to Trash support:

  • move currently opened files(videos and subtitles) to Trash
  • if there are playlists, it is enabled at playing the last video file of playlists

Save as QuickTime Movie support:

  • save the currently opened video file as QuickTime Movie
  • it is very quickly because an audio track is only converted and a video track is passed
  • if MP4 or MOV or M4V is opened, it is enabled under turning off ‘H.264 Hardware Acceleration’
  • if MKV is opened, it is enabled after loading is done

Playable default types:

  • MP4, MOV, M4V

Playable optional Types:

  • AVI, MKV
  • Requires the installation of Perian (QuickTime Component)

What’s New

Version 2.0.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later

  • Requires macOS 10.11 or later.
  • Totally re-coded. So, user settings from previous versions will no longer apply.
  • Improves decoding and playing video, audio, subtitles.
  • Improves decoding and playing video on Non-Hardware-Acceleration FFmpeg mode.
  • Improves decoding and playing interlaced video on FFmpeg mode.
  • Improves moving playback position.
  • ‘HEVC Hardware Acceleration’ supports. This feature requires macOS 10.13 or later and recent CPU.
  • ‘Playback Speed Settings’ supports on FFmpeg mode too.
  • ‘Commentary’ feature added. It can show a plain text commentary file in a separate window.
  • ‘Exact’ feature added. If it is on, forward/backward are moved by 3 seconds exactly. And this option uses more CPU/GPU.
  • ‘Hacc’, ’10-bit’, ‘Exact’ option is valid only on FFmpeg mode. And ’10-bit’ option is valid only on Non-Hardware-Acceleration FFmpeg mode (automatic on Hardware-Acceleration FFmpeg mode).
  • Some menus moved to side/bottom control-bar.
  • Updates FFmpeg libraries.


OS X 10.8 or later


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