LaunchBar 6.10 – Powerful file/URL/email launcher utility.

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LaunchBar for Mac

LaunchBar is an award-winning productivity utility that offers an amazingly intuitive and efficient way to search and access any kind of information stored on your computer or on the Web. It provides instant access to your applications, documents, contacts, and bookmarks, to your music library, to search engines and more, just by entering short abbreviations of the searched item’s name.

You just hit Command-Space to bring LaunchBar’s input window to front, enter an arbitrary abbreviation, and as soon as you start typing LaunchBar displays the best matching choices, ready to be opened immediately.

Start applications, open documents, invoke system services, compose emails, or navigate the Web–LaunchBar will be your essential servant.

An adaptive app launcher and document browser.
Access applications, documents, bookmarks and more by typing short abbreviations.

Your personal digital assistant.
Manage events and reminders. Access your contacts.

A powerful file manager.
Browse the file system, query file metadata. Copy, move or rename files and folders.

An efficient search tool.
Perform desktop or web searches and get instant feedback.

and so much more

  • A clipboard history, a snippet manager, a jukebox,
  • a calculator, a script runner, an info browser…
  • Whatever you want to accomplish on your Mac –
  • with LaunchBar it’s only a few keystrokes away!


Version 6.10:

Compatibility with macOS Mojave

This version of LaunchBar is compatible with macOS Mojave, but due to improved privacy protection in macOS Mojave, some LaunchBar features require additional permissions to be granted in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy:

  • Indexing of Safari Bookmarks requires LaunchBar to be added to “Full Disk Access”. Otherwise LaunchBar won’t be able to read the bookmarks file, which is located in your Library folder.
  • Instant Send and Get/Drop Finder Selection require LaunchBar to be added to “Accessibility”. Otherwise LaunchBar won’t be able to simulate a Command-C keystroke, which is necessary for reading the currently selected text or file.
  • The Clipboard History also requires LaunchBar to be added to “Accessibility”. Otherwise LaunchBar won’t be able to simulate a Command-V keystroke, which is necessary when inserting data from the Clipboard History in other applications.

Dark Mode support

LaunchBar now supports Dark Mode in macOS Mojave. Note that the appearance of LaunchBar’s main interface is still determined by the selected theme, independent from the current system appearance. So if you’ve selected the Dark Mode in Mojave, you can choose one of the dark themes in LaunchBar (Dark or Base Dark). In a future update there will be an option to automatically change LaunchBar’s theme in accordance with the current system appearance (provided that the chosen theme also provides a dark variant).

Other changes

  • LaunchBar 6.10 now requires at least OS X 10.10 or later.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


LaunchBar For MacOSX

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