Librarian Pro 5.0.2

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Librarian Pro helps you manage your collection of books, magazines, games, CDs, software titles, and movies. It helps you inventory and retrieves information quickly.

Organize items into smart collections, add them to the in-program Amazon shopping cart, mark them as lent out to friends, and even export for the Web or your iPod! Librarian Pro also supports importing from other cataloging applications like Delicious Library and DVDpedia.

Librarian Pro’s databases are fully compatible with both the Mac OS X and Windows versions. Additionally, one license will grant activation for both copies of the application. Download the free fifteen-day trial and have serenity return to your media collections. You may also like TurnTable


Version 5.0.2:

Upgrade Notes:

  • Librarian Pro 5 is a free upgrade for users owning a lifetime license or on an active subscription. For all other users, upgrades can be ordered on our web store.

Important Note:

  • Amazon discontinued their Product Advertising API for all calls that are not a revenue generating as of January 23, 2019. To continue using Amazon to auto-fill item details, you must now create your own Amazon Associates API account.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed web links not showing in the main list.
  • Can no longer bring up the Hide Collection window for Borrowing categories by hitting the Delete key.
  • Fixed item images scaling to the wrong size in the Edit window.
  • Fixed due dates not sorting properly.
  • No longer tries to execute AppleScript on Windows for retrieving iTunes library artwork (not possible on Windows).

New Features:

  • Can now turn off post-processing web cam input.
  • iTunes import on Windows.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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