Autodesk Maya LT 2019.2 – 3D modeling and animation tool designed for indie and mobile game development.

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Maya LT for mac

UV several exciting new enhancements and upgrades modeling tools, Autodesk® Maya 2018 LT® helps game developers to work faster than ever.

UV several exciting new enhancements and upgrades modeling tools, Autodesk® Maya 2018 LT® helps game developers to work faster than ever. Modeling, animation, and workflows have seen significant improvements not only help artists work faster but also help to create characters more enjoyable. You May also like Autodesk Maya 2019

Tools of Professional Modeling

Maya LT users can take advantage of a familiar and powerful set of modeling tools Maya to help create and quickly edit characters, accessories and 3D environments. Modeling has never been easier thanks to all NEX recently integrated and efficient customized tools.
Automatic dust removal tools that facilitate the creation of resources for various screen resolutions.

Materials and shaders

ShaderFX Maya LT includes a real-time editor based on nodes that enables the rapid creation of programmable shaders GPU accelerated without manual coding. Shaders can easily be exported as HLSL shader programs, GLSL or CgFX, and then imported into any game engine that supports Microsoft DirectX 11 or OpenGL.

Animation Tools

Make your characters, accessories and gaming environments come alive with a variety of animation tools based on the inverse kinematic Autodesk Maya software and Autodesk HumanIK. Animate keyframes and paths / editable motion paths to adjust motion animation directly in the window for maximum efficiency.

Optimized workflows

using the FBX file format standard industry, Maya LT provides efficient workflows with most major game engines, including Unity, Unreal and CryEngine. The Viewport 2.0 – enabled Microsoft DX11 ensures highly accurate previews of art that help minimize iteration times and shot round views.


Version 2019.2:

-GraphEditor Missing keyframe after saving the scene
-Graph Editor is distorted if you maximize its pane
-Graph Editor Maya graph editor populates with infinite hierarchy
-GraphEditor Keyframe stats don’t refresh when navigating keys with arrows
-Joint rotation limits not saved with the scene
-Camera manipulation broke for cameras parented under a rotated hierarchy
-GraphEditor Doesn’t normalize correctly when curves have a single key
-Caching VP modes Mesh becomes incorrect when selecting a controller
-Motion trail with anchor transform ignores object animation
-Frame skipping should not be prevented when not filling in the foreground
-GraphEditor Animation curve of blendShape target can not appear if it’s in the animation layer
-GPUOverride Crash when leaving the Paint Skin Weights Tool
-Caching Attribute change prevents the correct update of the animation
-GraphEditor The Region Keys tool now works regardless of the “only scale selected keys” Option
-Caching Crash when typing Arabic text in Type node
-Performance Lag on the first frame of playback after graph rebuild
-GraphEditor Pickwick doesn’t work correctly on the isolated curve
-Mesh distortion In Parallel Mode
-Graph Editor Moving Keys by typing values into the stats field doesn’t work on some keys
-EM Crash when changing the frame in the timeline
-Caching VP2 modes Crash on playback when displaying polygon tangents
-Multiple animation layers cause performance to drop
-Caching Animation is incorrect when keying with autokey
-EM: Correctness issue with deferred reference
-Dope Sheet lag when selecting BaseAnimationLayer
-Hang when keying HIK Attributes
-Caching Type object with generator set to Python does not update correctly (foreground fill)
-Off-frame evaluation returns wrong values on non-compound attribute in anim layer

-Crash when loading reference files multiple times
-Callback added by MSceneMessage for before save event is not called if the file is read-only
-Renaming elements are creating big numbers in the name extension
-Entering certain file paths into the Open dialog can crash Maya

-Move Tool with Orientation set to Component and Soft Select with Falloff set to Global crashes Maya
-Crash when setting MAYA_DET_TANGENT = 1
-Editing a blendshape target mesh is producing incorrect results (translated vertices are not moving to correct space)
-Smooth UVs breaks UV data
-Maya crashes when selecting UV with displaySmoothness
-CER 36558031 Crash while working in UV Editor

-Render Setup is not saved with autosave
-Maya 2019 crashes when using rendering Maya Vector

-Error in AETemplates/AEfileTemplate.mel (“No object matches name: file1.uvTileProxyDirty” – Error evaluating…”createGeneratePreviewButton)

-Fixed a crash with CGFX plugin on Linux
-Rotation gizmo is drawn incorrectly in Orthographic views in Legacy Viewport renderer
-Objects do not show up in the UV editor when they are marquee selected in the Viewport
-Custom image planes lack support in VP2.0

Known Issues:

-Caching Crash with two Type objects when generator set to “Python”
-Workaround contained empty data.
-Caching Type object with generator set to Python does not update correctly when cache filled in the background
-If your animation starts at frame S then animate the generator value using this
setKeyframe -t S-1 -v 0 type1.generator;

setKeyframe -t S -v 9 type1.generator
-Animating the generator value makes it evaluate correctly

-Crash loading scene containing bifrostGraph nodes if bifrostGraph plug-in is missing
-Workaround Ensure that you have installed the bifrostGraph plug-in before opening scenes that contain Bifrost nodes.

-python commands polyColorSet representation flag no longer works properly when set to False
-Don’t use representation=False, just
-print cmds.polyColorSet(q=True, allColorSets=True)
-The representation parameter only accepts A(alpha only), RGB, and RGBA values.
-view it fails to focus on deformed selected objects
-Use control-F to focus the selected object(s)

-Enable MultiDraw consolidation on Mac
-Improved viewport performance in large animated scenes in newer versions of macOS (at least 10.14.5).


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor


Maya LT mac

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