Mitti 1.5.1 – Easy-to-use video-cue solution

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Mitti For Mac

Having all your visual and audio content up and ready before starting your presentation or commencing a show is crucial: you cannot waste time during a performance looking for various files or resources or making configurations you could have handled before the event. You may also like Downie

Mitti is a video cue software that delivers extensive control over the audio and video input and output sources, can work with different cue types and gives extensive control over each resource included in your project.

Nice, easy and powerful
Mitti has a clear, intuitive, uncluttered user interface with an easy to learn and use workflow, on top of the modern, 64bit, low-latency audio and a really powerful GPU-accelerated video playback engine is driven by it’s robust, SMPTE-time-speaking internal clock.

Various Cue Types & Cue-level Preferences
You can create Cues in Mitti from video and still image files of course, as well as a rich-set of inputs, including Cameras, Syphon and NDI sources. Cues have their individual color, video effect, audio output, and transition settings.

Works the way you want
In Mitti’s Playlist Preferences you can define default times for Fade-In/Outs and Transitions, as well as the default SMPTE format and SMPTE offset.

Besides of that, Mitti’s also allows you to define default states for Cues that match your workflow. Always want to apply Transitions or Fade-Ins? Need to always stop playback once a Cue has been finished? Not a problem, you can set that for your Cues globally and – of course – also individually.

Timecode Input
Mitti’s playback engine can be easily slaved to an external MTC (MIDI Timecode) or LTC (Linear Timecode) SMPTE timecode source to make tight sync with any software or hardware timecode generators, show control solutions or even DAWs.

Multi-screen Video Output
Mitti supports fullscreen output on multiple displays, with individual 4-corner warping on each output and edge blending settings. Managing double- or triple-wide outputs never been so easy before!

Remote controllable by MIDI / OSC / DMX
Mitti is remotely controllable by MMC (MIDI Machine Control) and MSC (MIDI Show Control) commands as well as hardware and software MIDI controllers has an extensive OSC API and also remotely controllable by Art-Net (DMX over Ethernet).


Version 1.5.1:

Added an option to set Aspect Ratio by Video Output Settings
Interlaced videos are de-interlaced automatically
Custom Cue Title already populated with the default title
No rewind after setting a Cue’s new Out Time
Scrollbars now respect the “Show scroll bars” option set in macOS’s General preferences

Crash with some certain kind of audio data
Some anamorphic movies won’t render correctly
The scrollbar does not show on the Convert Window
Mitti may start playback in LTC/MTC sync mode right after launch
Right-click menu is enabled while transcoding
Mouse needs to be still to initiate re-ordering
Transition progress should be shown even by LOAD
Possible crash when the audio configuration is changing
Sound glitch on the start of fading-in audio


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


Mitti For Mac OS X

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