OmniGraffle Pro 7.9.3 – Create diagrams, flow charts, and more.

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OmniGraffle Pro For mac

OmniGraffle Pro helps you draw beautiful diagrams, family trees, flow charts, org charts, layouts, and (mathematically speaking) any other directed or non-directed graphs. We’ve had people use Graffle to plan plotlines for a story, make an overview of an operating system, show the evolution of computers, and even show how diseases can spread in a closed population. If you want to organize your thoughts, your projects, or even your friends graphically, using boxes and lines, OmniGraffle is your tool.

OmniGraffle Professional has all of the great features in the standard version, plus a powerful toolset for advanced document creation and editing options. For the pro user who’s looking for an in-depth diagramming application that’s still priced below the competition, you’ve come to the right place.

Pro for Mac
OmniGraffle Professional has everything included in Standard, plus features suited specifically for folks that make a living designing or working with graphics.

Define Your Canvas
– Shared Layers
– Artboard Layers
– Resolution Independence

Work Faster
– Keyboard Shortcut Set Export/Import
– AppleScript
– Interactive Actions
– Tables
– Mouseless Editing

Construct Bold Graphics
– Non-destructive Shape Combinations
– Convert Lines to Shapes
– Convert Text to Shapes
– Blending Modes
– Fill Effects

Organize the Details
– Object Notes
– Key:Value Pair Metadata
– Diagramming Subgraphs

Customize Your Workflow
– SVG Export
– Visio Import & Export
– Xcode Project Import


Version 7.9.3:

  • Localizations and Documentation — Documentation and App Localizations have been updated to reflect recent UI changes.
  • Bézier Lines — Fixed a bug that caused some Bézier lines to incorrectly draw to the center of the shape.
  • Page Orientation — Fixed a bug that caused Page Setup to default to Portrait orientation when saved with a recent version of OmniGraffle.


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


OmniGraffle Pro For MacOSX

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