Optimage 3.0 – Image optimization using advanced algorithms.

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Optimage for mac

Optimage is an advanced image-optimization tool to minimize images in a visually lossless way for websites, apps, storage, and sharing. It uses advanced metrics to automatically adjust image quality for up to 10x smaller image files that are visually perceived as originals. Optimage Free Download mac Maximum compression ratio is achieved by exhaustively trying various compression parameters and image-data structures, using novel and traditional heuristics. Simple native GUI and universal CLI clients are built to work efficiently across many different platforms on desktops and servers. You may also like Affinity Photo Beta


  • Lossy (visually lossless) and lossless optimizations
  • Referenceless image-quality assessment
  • Negligible degradation on subsequent runs
  • Nearly optimal compression
  • Fast parallel processing on modern multi-core CPUs
  • Advanced-quality metrics based on human perception
  • Full-color management with ICC v4 profile support
  • Smart Convert-to-sRGB option
  • Integration with system file managers
  • Extremely simple optimization settings
  • Strips excessive metadata (Exif, XMP, IPTC, comments, etc.)
  • Losslessly auto-rotates JPEG photographs according to Exif Orientation tag
  • Preserves useful metadata (Android 9-patches, aPNG, etc.)
  • Handles most popular image formats: JPEG and PNG, GIF, and SVG
  • Cross-platform CLI and GUI
  • Minifies Windows icons/favicons (ICO) and Apple icons (ICNS)

Supported file types:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • SVG
  • ICNS
  • ICO


Version 3.0:

  • Added batch resizing, conversion and compression for common image and video formats including JPEG, PNG, APNG, SVG, GIF, HEIC, JPEG2000, ICO, ICNS, BMP, TIFF, RAW, MP4, WebM, HEVC and ProRes
  • Added HEIC, JPEG2000, APNG, MP4 and WebM compression
  • Added high-quality image and video scaling with gamma correction
  • Added frame rate adjustment for GIF, APNG, MP4, and WebM
  • Added lossy PNG-32 compression
  • Added high-quality thumbnail generation for PDF, PSD, and AI documents
  • Added live table sorting and ability to reset sorting order by clicking on the first column
  • Added Share menu
  • Added Reveal in Finder button
  • Added hidden preference to set the maximum number of workers
  • Significantly improved PNG, JPEG, and GIF image quality, compression ratio and performance
  • Improved lossy WebP image quality
  • Improved optimization progress reporting
  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Fixed lossy PNG compression failing when not converting to sRGB
  • Fixed SVG compression for some edge cases
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


Optimage mac

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