PhotoNinja 1.3.8 – High-quality Raw image converter.

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PictureCode Photo Ninja For mac

PhotoNinja (formerly Noise Ninja) is a professional-grade raw converter and image editor that gives you powerful new tools to get the best possible results from your digital camera. Built from the ground up with world-class image processing technology, it delivers exceptional image quality, quickly and easily. You may also like GraphicConverter


  • The detail is crisp and impressive, and images have a uniquely pleasing and realistic look.
  • Includes all-new Noise Ninja 3.0 noise reduction filter with improved noise suppression and better preservation of detail.
  • Best-of-breed tools quickly and easily tame highlights, extract detail from shadows, overcome backlighting, and even out excessive contrast — all with natural-looking results.
  • One-of-a-kind detail enhancement reveals latent detail and adds drama to your images without the usual halo artifacts.
  • Amazing highlight recovery convincingly repairs many overexposed images.
  • Built-in color styles help you get pleasing color quickly and easily, with carefully chosen treatments for skin and other key hues.
  • Optimized for RAW, but can also achieve impressive results with JPEG and TIFF.
  • Simple and fast “point-and-go” browser lets you access your image collection directly. No need to import into a catalog or library.
  • Can be used standalone or as a companion for other platforms like Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, and Aperture.


Version 1.3.8:

  • Support FujiFilm X-T30
  • Support FujiFilm XF10
  • Replace built-in color profile for FujiFilm X-T3
  • Add built-in color profile for Nikon Z 6. (Z 6 and Z 7 compressed files can be opened by Photo Ninja. Uncompressed files can be converted to DNG, and Photo Ninja can open the DNGs.)
  • Recognize built-in lens for Sony RX100VI and RX100IV
  • Add built-in color profile for Panasonic LX 100ii


OS X 10.6.8 or later, 64-bit processor



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