Picture Instruments Sort ‘n’ Rename Pro 2.0.8

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Picture Instruments Sort ‘n’ Rename Pro For Mac

A well-structured file system starts with speaking file names. With self-explanatory picture file names, they are easily found by the OS search tool. To ease the pain of renaming thousands of pictures and files Sort´n´Rename is here.

Sort´n´Rename is the most flexible solution for file renaming. Naming options include individual text, enumerations in user-defined intervals, original file names in whole or part, date and EXIF tags like DateTaken, fstop, shutter speed and many more. But not enough: Different versions of the same file extension can be matched and letters or strings can be auto-replaced. You may also like Picture Instruments Mask Integrator

Once a scheme for renaming is defined, it can be saved as a preset and exchanged across platforms.

Sort´n´Rename is especially helpful in these scenarios:

  • Assigning speaking filenames to your picture collection
  • Pictures from several cameras can be sorted into chronological order and re-enumerated
  • Picture presentations can be sorted by drag and drop and re-enumerated in this sequence
  • Pictures that need to be renamed in a predefined scheme to ensure archival consistency can be treated with the same presets across all platforms (Win & Mac) companywide
  • Sort´n´Rename cannot only rename picture files – any file type can be handled


Version 2.0.8:

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


Picture Instruments Sort ‘n’ Rename Pro Mac

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