Rocket Typist Pro 2.1.2 – Expand typed abbreviations.

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Rocket Typist Pro For Mac

Rocket Typist is a modern Mac application, created with simplicity in mind. During a regular day, most of us type the same text over and over again, wasting an enormous amount of time in the process. Why not let your computer do some of that work for you? Once you have collected your snippets, you will never have to type them again. Here are just a few examples: You may also like LaunchBar

  • Commonly repeated phrases such as “How are you?”
  • Signatures with or without images
  • Current date and time
  • Names, addresses, and other contact details
  • Hard to remember technical terms
  • Support replies to your customers
  • Code snippets for developers


  • Type an abbreviation and expend it into a snippet
  • Use macros to make your snippets more dynamic
  • Snippets can either be plain or rich text
  • Select snippets from your Mac’s Touch Bar
  • Export and import snippets


Version 2.1.2:

New Features
Some characters like the + sign that weren’t allowed for abbreviations are now allowed.
You can now choose to display a date picker when using a snippet with a date macro.
Quote Substitution has been removed.
Spell Checking is now disabled by default. You can still enable it from the Edit menu.
The snippet list now scrolls to the selected row after startup.

Bug Fixes
Adding an application to the block list of a category did add the same applies to the general block list in the Preferences.
A category’s expansion behavior was not saved reliably.
A custom date pattern of a date macro sometimes produced the wrong output.
A new snippet was not placed into the correct category if it has been created via the File menu.
In some cases, the app crashed when syncing iCloud in the background.
Some snippets with a cursor macro caused the app to crash.


OS X 10.11.5 or later, 64-bit processor


Rocket Typist Pro Mac

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