ScreenFlow 7.1 – Create screen recordings

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ScreenFlow For macOS

ScreenFlow is powerful, easy-to-use screencasting software for the Mac. With ScreenFlow you can record the contents of your entire monitor while also capturing your video camera, microphone and your computer audio. The easy-to-use editing interface lets you creatively edit your video, and add additional images, text, music and transitions for a truly professional-looking video. The finished result is a QuickTime or Windows Media movie, ready for publishing to your Web site or blog or directly to YouTube or Vimeo. Use ScreenFlow to create high-quality software demos, tutorials, app previews, training, presentations and more.

Highest Quality Recording
ScreenFlow has the best screen capture available – even on Retina Displays.

New! Partial Screen Capture
Record any part of your screen or any open window by itself.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
ScreenFlow’s intuitive interface allows even those with no video editing experience to start creating epic content in minutes. Just record, edit and share.

Powerful Editing Tools
Add professional touches to your videos with built in transitions, annotations, text, audio & video filters, New! multi-channel audio mixing, chroma key, screen recording highlights, callouts (mouse, window, freehand) and much, much more.

More Features:

  • Professional Animations & Motions Graphics
  • Better tools for Software Tutorials
  • Streamlined Media Management
  • Closed Caption Support
  • More Publishing Options
  • New! Animated GIF Export
  • ProRes, MP4 Encoding & More
  • New! Telestream Cloud Publishing


Version 7.1:


  • Updated canvas to show color change when using the color picker
  • Crash when a login item is invalid
  • Allow ScreenFlow to export H.265/HEVC files with macOS 10.13 implementation of HEVC


  • Unable to tab through Audio Mix input boxes after deselecting then reselecting clip
  • Text cursor flashing when recorded by ScreenFlow on macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • ScreenFlow 7 can crash after importing ‘.apcn’/’.apch’/’.apcs’ media files
  • Pause hotkey is not disabled when the user is not recording
  • No way to remove unlicensed audio plug-ins
  • Nine Part Tiled Filter: Flip Y Tiles slider stuck at zero – It is now a checkbox rather than a value field
  • MP4 Files created with Viddyoze cannot be seen in the timeline
  • macOS 10.13: Partial Screen Capture guidelines do not render at the default resolution
  • macOS 10.13: Installer text hard to read – Improved look of dmg and installation window
  • iOS recordings have incorrect durations when recorded on macOS 10.13
  • Global Recording shortcuts do not update when changing Keyboard Shortcut Sets
  • Export window highlights the extension of the exported file name.
  • Certain mono AAC sources causing playback issues in timeline
  • Canvas Undo button does not revert color change
  • Black frames and missing audio in exported file
  • Batch Export: Sorting incorrect when using projects with numbers in the title
  • Automatic exports sometimes show the ‘Maximum File Size’ text
  • Apple Animation MOV’s not playing in ScreenFlow 7
  • Annotations: Changing default settings will cause the first drawn annotation to be incorrect
  • Annotations can use a previously set default that shouldn’t apply to it
  • 7.x: Runtime Error occurs when clearing the Width/Height of a Custom Export Resolution
  • 7.0: iZotope Ozone 7 audio plug-in displays incorrectly, adjusting properties in custom UI causes hang
  • 4:3 Camera Aspect Ratio affected by Recording Monitor


  • Video Filters ‘Color Cubes Mixed with Mask’ and ‘Color Curves’ – Crash — Crash is non-trivial to fix, and outside the scope of 7.1 maintenance release for macOS 10.13


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


ScreenFlow For Mac

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