SnippetsLab 1.9.0 – Easy-to-use snippets management tool.

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SnippetsLab For Mac

SnippetsLab is an easy-to-use snippets management tool. It helps you to collect and organize valuable code snippets and makes sure that you have easy access to them whenever you want. You may also like Scrivener


  • Beautiful user interface with both light and dark themes
  • Supports syntax highlighting for over 350 languages
  • Markdown snippets supported (editing & preview)
  • Organize snippets with folders, tags, and Smart Groups
  • Create shortcuts for your most commonly used folders and Smart Groups
  • Add notes to a snippet
  • Include multiple fragments in a single snippet (useful when one snippet logically consists of multiple separate “parts,” such as a header and an implementation, or different solutions to one problem; every fragment under one snippet can have its own language and note)
  • Use advanced search to find your snippets instantly
  • Use iCloud to synchronize your database across multiple devices
  • Customize the library location to use any 3rd-party file-based sync services
  • Gist integration: Import from Gist & publish your snippet as a gist
  • Import from CodeBox Library (.cbxml) files
  • Export your library to JSON, XML or plain text files
  • Use the SnippetsLab Assistant to search, browse and create snippets right from the menu bar
  • Easily share snippets with friends & colleagues
  • Built-in support for printing
  • Automatic backups
  •  Compact display mode


Version 1.9.0:

New features in SnippetsLab 1.9

  • Duplicate a snippet
  • Directly paste snippet content to the active app from SnippetsLab Assistant
  • Automatically format code (for supported languages only)
  • Use a keyboard shortcut to toggle comments (for supported languages only)
  • View snippets browse history and navigate to previously viewed snippets
  • Fenced code block in Markdown snippets now has proper language-specific syntax highlighting
  • Syntax highlighting for 22 new languages: Augeas, BBCBasic, Boa, Charmci, DASM16, Fennel, FloScript, Freeform, HLSL, Hspec, Icon, Pony, SARL, Slash, Slurm, SmartGameFormat, TOML, TeraTermmacro, code, Unicon, VBScript, Xorg

Bug fixes

  • SnippetsLab Assistant custom search criteria now function normally
  • Fixed a possible crash when creating folders, smart groups or snippets
  • Fixed a possible crash/hang when editing Markdown snippets


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


SnippetsLab For MacOSX

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