Tri-BACKUP Pro 8.1.3 – Automatically backup files on multiple machines

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Tri-BACKUP Pro For Mac

Tri-BACKUP Pro is a customizable back-up solution for your disks and folders, Tri-Backup Pro adds advanced functions such as web server back-ups, control for actions from remote machines, copying process double-checking, and e-mail alerts (for example, to send email to an administrator when errors were detected, or to monitor the proper implementation of backups).

  • Multiples modes: copy, backup, synchronize, remove, compress, compare, etc.
  • Different backup modes: Evolutive (saves successive versions of each document), Mirror (identical copy), Incremental partial backup, Disk Copy, etc.
  • Programmed Actions executed in background, with automatic scheduling.
  • Immediate Actions to precisely control what must be copied, deleted, or modified.
  • Automatic mount of remote volumes.
  • And much more.

Copy your disk:
Create a bootable copy of your disk updated regularly and automatically. You can restart from the copy at any time and retrieve all your data and applications in your usual environment.This function is also useful to change your startup disk or to duplicate an environment on multiple machines.

Clean Mac:
Put your Mac in good condition by using a clean copy of your startup disk.You can directly restart from the clean copy or restore your internal disk.

Save your data: Tri-BACKUP automatically and regularly copies your files to one or more internal or external drives, on another machine, network, FTP server, etc.
You can multiply your backups to increase the security of your data.

Data recovery:
If you lose your data, backups will be much more effective than any data recovery software. Think backup with Tri-BACKUP.

Transfers your data : Synchronize multiple machines, share files and group documents from multiple users, across a local network or through external drives, and you can even use systems like Dropbox updated by Tri-BACKUP.

Automate your backups
Let your backups run automatically in the background without disturbing you or slow down the use of your machine.
Programmed actions can be triggered at the time and frequency of your choice, or automatically executed when a disk is connected, or when you quit an application.

Compare and control: With the immediate actions of Tri-BACKUP, you compare the contents of two folders and you can control exactly what needs to be copied, synchronized or deleted.

New features:

– New option to create a bootable copy with a minimal System.
– New features to duplicate the partitions scheme to a new disk (to create a similar disk with all same partitions, including hidden System partitions).
– New features to copy the contents of hidden System partitions.
– New features to create a Recovery HD partition.
– New scheduler options.
– New compare size action.
– New GoTo menu.
– New languages filter.
– Faster: speed increased for updating existing backups.
– Now uses UUID (Unique Volume Identifier) to detect the volumes (in addition with date and size).
– New scheduler features: Added Every hour + xx minutes (0:30 or 0:15).
– New scheduler features: Added a time limitation, to only backup between given hours.
– New “Compare Folders Sizes” immediate action to quickly detect the sizes and the differences.
– New GoTo menu to access the contents of the mounted disks, including invisible folders (user’s Library, etc.).
– New filter to exclude languages from localization resources (in applications, etc.).
– New filters to help finding actions in Programmed actions panel, and last actions panel.
– New graphical display of latest executions of an action.
– New tool to duplicate the partitions scheme.
– New tool to copy the contents of hidden System partitions.
– New tool to create a Recovery HD partition.
– New option in Bootable Copy action to create a minimal System.
– Added preview features to see what will be the operations of a programmed action.
– Many new options to better monitor and control your Mac and your backups.
– Many enhancements.
– More controls and information in the Scheduler menu.
– etc.


Version 8.1.3:

  • [New] Compatibility with APFS format
  • [New] Added an option to disable the action of filters in identified bundles or packages (applications, data base…), as well as in specific folders with extension (as non identified packages)
  • [New] Ability to mark immediate actions to find them easily in the list
  • [New] Various minor enhancements and interface changes
  • [Fixed] Various minor corrections


OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor


Tri-BACKUP Pro For Mac OS X

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