Viscosity 1.7.15 – Graphical user interface for OpenVPN.

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Viscosity for mac

Viscosity is an OpenVPN client for Mac, providing a rich Cocoa user interface for creating, editing, and controlling VPN connections. Viscosity provides a complete OpenVPN solution for OS X 10.5 Leopard and does not require any additional downloads or software.

With Viscosity and OpenVPN you can securely connect to your home or company network from a remote location, protect your network traffic when using public or wireless networks, access websites with country restrictions, and tunnel through restrictive firewalls and proxy servers to give your computer full Internet access. Viscosity can connect to any VPN server running OpenVPN, including most popular free and commercial VPN providers. Viscosity allows connections to be completely configured through a GUI, without any need to know how to use the command-line or OpenVPN’s configuration file syntax. Advanced users still have full manual control over configuration options if desired. You may also like Navicat for PostgreSQL


  • Cocoa GUI
  • Connection and traffic statistics
  • Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Robust DNS Support
  • Keychain integration
  • System proxy integration
  • Deployment features designed for enterprise
  • Easy connection importing
  • Growl integration


Version 1.7.15:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later


  • Additional U2F devices are now supported


  • OpenVPN 2.4 updated to version 2.4.7
  • OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.2r
  • Adds notarization for increased security


  • Resolves failure to fallback to secondary remote servers with some connections
  • Resolves a potential crash on macOS 10.14.4+ when updating the helper
  • Resolves a potential crash when importing a large number of connections
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements


  • OS X 10.10 is no longer supported


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


Viscosity mac

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